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  • Initiated into a tribe of supportive, caring, understanding women. Imagine being taken by the hand to the place of your dreams helping each other succeed together
  • Connected to the Master Mentor Network team of professional men and women servant /leaders speaking into your life
  • Access to tools and business systems including a plug and play funnel system to super charge your results
  • The ability to become a founding member of what will become a power vehicle of kindness and a driving force for personal growth and business success

That was just for starters … also

*Feel Happy* Help Others*
be surrounded by one of the greatest predictors for

success and happiness – a social support network

” At the end of our days, we want our lives to be an accumulation of those small acts of goodness that end up leading to great and significant things ”



Welcome Message From Kelley

Hello and welcome to the Billionaire Women’s Club.  I’m the founder of our club, and I’m very honored to serve you.   This has been years in the making.  From chairman of the board to the mom who put dinner on the table, I have always been an entrepreneurial woman.  Over the years I’ve found it challenging to connect with other like-minded women in a powerful way.  That’s why I’m so excited for you today because the Billionaire Women’s Club is that platform.  Now, you will have a community of like-minded, successful, powerful women to interact with utilizing methods and systems designed to bring your dreams to life so that you feel accomplished, happy, fulfilled and rewarded.

Here is how it all came together.  In late October I was invited to attend a home meeting at Dallin and Kerrie Larsen’s to hear about the new business which is now VASAYO. The people I went with are Joe-Max Moore – Hall of Fame Soccer Player and successful network marketer, Blaine Williams – successful business leader, coach, and network marketer, Rick Garland, and several other top business leaders. As the weeks progressed VASAYO, the Master Mentor Network and the Billionaire Women’s Club attracted many top leaders to what has become a significant business launch designed with your success in mind.

Yes, it is our nature to nurture, and it’s a grand contribution.  Today, with the Billionaire Women’s Club let’s come together to support, inspire, teach, coach, mentor and lift up the other as we become the very best versions of ourselves.


Kind regards,


Kelley Moreno

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