Health or Wealth




Believe it or not, you can have both worlds with Vasayo.

Take your first big step for 2017 and commit to being healthy with Microlife Supplements by Vasayo. Next, join the Billionaire Women’s Club for strategic tools and tips towards success. As the founder of BWC, I will share with you my experiences on how I overcame and conquered general obstacles that got me to where I am right now.


Why We Have The Edge

Microlife Nutritionals by Vasayo is an innovative line of supplements to support a healthier lifestyle. With the advanced liposome delivery technology, it eliminates acid degradation for key nutrients to reach target cells and allow superior absorption. Made only from high-grade ingredients, backed by science, under the leadership of Dallin and Karree Larsen, Dan Zhu, and Daniel Picou.

Vasayo, “Delivering Solutions”.