Introducing Microlife Nutritionals by Vasayo

Vasayo has partnered with Dr. Emek Blair, formulator and manufacturer of a nutritional line of products, including Microlife Core Essentials Microcaps, Microlife Neuro Microcaps, Microlife Energy Microgel, Microlife Renew Microgel, and Microlife Sleep Micromyst. These high quality, proprietary blend of supplements deliver solutions to everyday health concerns through proper assimilation of key nutrients in our body. Using high-grade, non GMO liposomes and micronutrients encapsulation technology enables Vasayo supplements to be more potent in the micro cellular level within our body system. In simpler terms, Microlife Nutritionals by Vasayo are more effective because its formulation is delivered, recognized, and absorbed into the bloodstream where it reaches the intended cellular target.

We just launched, January 3, 2017! Congratulations to all members and all our customers who will benefit from Microlife by Vasayo’s exciting product line. Your health is on the right track for 2017 and years to come. Contact me for more information and secure your spot now by joining my team at Billionaire Women’s Club.

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Microlife Core Essentials

Core Essentials helps build strong foundation for long term health by boosting natural, sustained energy for a more productive lifestyle.

Microlife Neuro

Neuro’s clinically approved ingredients help energize the brain and minimize mental fatigue.

Microlife Energy

For normal vitality and energy. Also packed with powerful antioxidants to protect cells from free radical damage.

Microlife Renew

With antioxidants and inflammation-fighting properties that help your body cope with everyday stressors.

Microlife Sleep

Helps you get deep, restful sleep without the drowsiness associated with other sleep products.

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